Fakultät für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften

Editorial Boards von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Ehrhardt

  • Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (AAMM) (funding member, 2008 -)
    Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (AAMM) publishes as rapidly as possible manuscripts of high standard, through electronic submission and reviewing. It provides a fast communication platform among researchers using mathematics as a tool for solving problems in mechanics, with particular emphasis in the integration of theory and applications. The mathematical tools used to solve problems in mechanics include analytical, semi-analytical, numerical and artificial intelligence ones. In order to cover as wide an audience as possible, abstract or axiomatic mathematics is not encouraged.
  • Computer Physics Communications (CPC) (2009 -
    Computer Physics Communications publishes research papers and computer program descriptions in computational physics and physical chemistry: the focus is on computational methods and techniques rather than results. All contributions are peer reviewed. Special issues are published on an occasional basis; enquiries should be directed to a member of the Editorial Board. Some papers describe computer programs that are deposited in the CPC Program Library which, with over 2,000 programs contributed since 1969, is a major computational resource for the community.
  • International Journal of Computer Mathematics (IJCM) (2009 -)
    (Section B - Computational Methods)
    This section publishes original research work concerning computational and mathematical techniques in the fields of numerical analysis and scientific computing with applications to science and engineering. The section serves the community of researchers in numerical analysis and computational sciences from both academia and industry. Papers that discuss novel theory, analysis and strategies of cutting-edge new numerical techniques for various applied mathematical problems are welcome. Papers that provide significantly improved analysis of existing numerical algorithms are also welcome.
  • Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications (NM-TMA) (2008 -)
    Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications (NM-TMA) publishes high-quality original research papers on the construction, analysis and application of numerical methods for solving scientific and engineering problems. Important research and expository papers devoted to the numerical solution of mathematical equations arising in all areas of science and technology are expected. The journal originates from the journal Numerical Mathematics: A Journal of Chinese Universities (English Edition). NM-TMA is a refereed international journal sponsored by Nanjing University and the Ministry of Education of China. As an international journal, NM-TMA is published in a timely fashion in printed and electronic forms.

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